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Recently, we announced that we hired a new CEO, Russell Mix. I am truly excited to have him at the helm, as we look to take SeeDepth to the next level. While we have had success with brands and agencies who understand the importance of deeper analytics, we see a whole new world of measurement possibilities – those that most in the industry aren’t even talking about. Organizations like AMEC and The Institute for Public Relations, along with individuals like Katie Paine, have been touting the need for better measurement for decades, and yet the industry is still catching up. Shame on us.

At SeeDepth, we still hear excuses like “Our clients want impressions and AVEs so we have to do it.” PR Agencies should know better – they are supposed to be the experts, and educating clients on better measurement techniques is part of that expertise. Truly innovative firms will recognize the long tail value of pulling away from dated techniques and implementing new tools, informing clients of a better way, today. In the meantime, we’ll continue to deliver and enhance a competitive and useful platform to our customers, while also pursuing some new avenues to help accelerate the industry’s adoption of better analytics to measure performance.

As someone who has worked over two decades on both sides – in PR agencies as well as corporate communications teams – and who continues to counsel brands on their PR and marketing campaigns, I can tell you that too many still use meaningless, ego-driven numbers and don’t analyze what the data is really telling them. PR Agencies continue to flee in and out, as CMOs get frustrated and think that a new agency can do better, but without any empirical data to back that decision up.

I’ve been trapped in that revolving door and I can attest that it’s usually because no one looks at what is working, what isn’t working and why. If we’re just capturing data, but not analyzing it, we’re missing the bigger picture.

As CEO, Russell, who has deep startup and business management experience, will lead SeeDepth and our customers into the next generation of PR excellence. We hope you’ll join us.

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