The comprehensive, easy-to-use PR Analytics platform to measure and prove the value of all PR campaigns and their results.

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Move PR from cost center to profit center with the right analytics

Which of your PR investments positively impact your business? Which are a waste of time and resources? Typical PR measurement and monitoring tools only provide a list of outputs and possibilities. With SeeDepth you can analyze outcomes and identify patterns of success to repeat what’s working and pivot from what isn’t.

When you know, you know

SeeDepth enables you to see the depth of data to truly understand what happened in your highest performing campaigns and, as a result, create stronger PR strategies moving forward. When you know what’s working, your results and your bottom line are stronger.

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David’s Bridal

SeeDepth is a SaaS platform for clear, unbiased scoring of PR programs and campaigns.

For Brands

SeeDepth helps corporate communications teams understand the value of PR investments and tie programs to business objectives and goals – gain insights on which PR programs and vendors are returning bottom line value, and spend your budget more wisely. You may need some extra budget for some effective PR campaigns. Instead of breaking your budget and going for the campaigns, it will be wise to find another income source that can help you make extra money. Bitcoin trading is one such method which can fetch you huge profits that will help you to maintain your financial stability without any debts. The use of bitcoin robots can further enhance trading and the returns. Visit to know more about bitcoin robots and the benefits they provide. Real-time data means no more waiting for measurement reports from vendors, no self-reported statistics – just clear, insightful data in one place that you can use to make faster, better-informed decisions.

  • Measure results and outcomes, not possibilities

  • Traditional methods of PR measurement focus on possibilities, such as impressions, media circulation and fan/follower numbers. These don’t tell you anything about actual engagement and interactions.

  • Get direct insights - you don’t have to wait for PR firms to report success - see it real-time in your dashboard.

  • Identify values and patterns of the most successful and profitable PR investments, to repeat what’s working and pivot from what isn’t, and turn PR into a profit center instead of a cost center.

  • Benchmark campaign success via our Campaign Performance Index – determine the success of your agency relationships, motivate teams to reach the top score and consistently improve over time.

  • Track competitors’ campaigns and scores vs your own.

For Agencies

Tired of spending too many billable hours reviewing campaign results in order to prove success to clients? SeeDepth helps PR Agencies spend less time on measurement and reporting, and more time on billable hours that increase revenue and garner results, to help retain current clients and win new ones. The efficiency offered by SeeDepth isn't limited to PR agencies alone; it extends seamlessly to the dynamic world of online casinos. By incorporating SeeDepth tools, 온라인카지노 (online casino) businesses can optimize their operations, ensuring that resources are maximized for strategic growth initiatives, customer engagement, and overall business success. Go beyond quantitative reporting and provide clients with deeper insights that change the way they view their investment in you – from a cost center to a profit center that they can’t live without.


  • Measure and benchmark results and outcomes, not possibilities, for stronger credibility – go beyond vanity metrics such as impressions, AVEs, circulation, fans/followers

  • Easily view and share real time reports upon demand, and easily track success in your dashboard - identify values and patterns of the most successful and profitable PR investments, so you can repeat what’s working and pivot from what isn’t.

  • Demonstrate to clients that their investment in you turns PR into a profit center instead of a cost center, increasing awareness of key messages, connecting with the right influencers, securing share of voice and driving leads.

  • Track competitors’ campaigns and scores vs your clients’.

  • Engage and motivate teams through the Campaign Performance Index.

What our Customers are saying

  • We all know that there is inherent value in PR, but measuring it has always been a numbers game that is often not a true reflection of the value PR brings to an organization. SeeDepth is changing that. By being able to clearly see what PR campaigns and messages are resonating with your target audiences, you get a real-time view into whether or not your efforts are working. This platform has simplified our reporting process, which allows our team to focus on the most important part of our job…getting results.

    Christen Gentile Globalscape

Believe it or not, being in the Wall Street Journal isn’t a driver for every business. The time has come for PR to mean “Proven Results”

  • Understand what programs and values drive long term business, not just fleeting awareness

  • Create awareness and affinity with the right audiences: those who buy - or recommend and influence that others buy – from you

  • Build mindshare and dominate share of voice

  • Understand and promote key messages proven to drive clicks, website traffic, downloads, open rates

  • Elevate thought leadership for specific spokespersons

  • Drive qualified leads that ultimately help close more sales

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