2016 Challenges and Opportunities in PR Measurement

On January 26, our CEO, Christine Perkett, interviewed the “Queen of Measurement” herself, Katie Paine, at a fireside chat event hosted by PRSA Boston and the Publicity Club of New England. Held at Bullhorn’s Boston offices, Christine and Katie talked about the state of PR measurement today and bantered about their mutual distaste for Ad Value Equivalency (AVE) as a PR measurement method, the challenges that both large and small brands - and PR agencies - face when analyzing PR success, and tips on how to get started no matter what your resources. Other topics included:

  • Are PR teams afraid of measurement?
  • How should you present something that didn’t work?
  • Is PR responsible for sales?
  • How much does sentiment matter?
  • Do media monitoring companies provide enough measurement and analytics capabilities?
  • How can you measure share of voice? Should you?
  • How can PR executives get the measurement they need from vendors?
  • How to create measurement charts and reports - and interpret the data
  • How has social media evolved PR measurement?

From free tools like Google Analytics to new software platforms like SeeDepth, CRM like Bullhorn, and services like Katie’s, the chat covered the gamut of challenges and opportunities facing PR experts who need to improve measurement and better prove their value. Now, thanks to Katie and her Paine Publishing team, you can watch the session, below.

Got further PR measurement questions? Feel free to reach out to us directly for a conversation or demo on how we can help you better measure your PR campaigns to identify successes, so you can repeat what’s working and pivot from what isn’t.


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