What To Expect: Digital Marketing Metrics & Analytics Summit

IQPC’s Digital Marketing Metrics & Analytics Summit is scheduled for later this week and our CEO & Founder, Christine Perkett, is among the stellar list of presenters. This event is a must have for all Digital Marketing professionals.  It will offer an opportunity for marketers to get together and create fruitful and interactive discussion around both the topic of Metrics and aggregating the right data, to derive more informed insights from data-driven analysis.

We’re excited to hear from marketing and analytics experts from companies like Honeywell, Google, Symantec, Wyndham Hotel Group, Time Warner Cable and many more. If you’re attending, be sure to swing by Christine’s session, “No More AVEs! How PR Measurement and Analytics Have Moved From Possibilities to Realities” on Tuesday, October 21 at 3:15 p.m. And although there’s no official hashtag for the summit, we’ll be sharing from the floor with #DMMAS on Twitter, if you want to follow along.

We took some time to learn more about what to expect from the event’s organizer, John O’Connor, Program Director at IQPC. Our Q&A is below.

SD: Please give a synopsis of what will be covered at the Digital Marketing Metrics & Analytics Summit.

JO: The Digital Marketing Metrics & Analytics Summit will provide a holistic view of the mandate for the contemporary digital marketer.  As the role of the digital marketer becomes more and more complex with the rise of “big data” and the accessibility of user information to more accurately target your marketing/advertising budget, the need to better understand the applicability of defining metrics for audience analysis is taking paramount importance.  To address that complexity, the summit will delve into complex marketing subjects such as text sentiment analysis, cross-channel attribution, PII security, campaign analysis, defining the right metrics to accurately assess your audience, and many more subjects.


SD: What is the biggest piece of advice or lesson that attendees will gain at this event?

JO: Attendees should walk away from this summit with a fulfilled sense of understanding around the complexity of data analysis as it relates specifically to marketing.  There is a lot of application for analytics these days, and while the buzz can be difficult to wade through on your own, this summit should leave attendees feeling confident about the insight they have gained specific to their marketing efforts.


SD: Which session do you expect to cause the most buzz at the event?

JO: It is hard to say, since I find that all of the presenters at the summit are extremely well qualified and savvy in their field.  If I was forced to choose one I might say Chris Gloede’s session on tracking the user journey across devices. Given the diverse means of media interaction that humans are capable of these days, deriving insight from the way people engage with your advertising/marketing, and understanding where they prefer to engage, can give really valuable insight on the format in which you craft your messaging.  With that said though, the news of security breach after security breach these days will surely draw a lot of buzz around Mark Green’s session on PII security, as data owners are now being held responsible for what happens to their client’s information in the case of a security breach.  They are all going to be great sessions though, and we are excited about the whole event!


SD: What are your goals for this year’s summit?

JO: We are really hoping to deliver a lot of value to the attendees that they can take back and immediately implement to make a difference in their organization.  This summit, focusing on marketing, is relatively unique for IQPC and we are hoping that it will grow into an annual favorite for the marketing elite to interact in a nice intimate setting for sharing ideas and concepts in digital.


SD: A big focus for this year’s event seems to be on measurement best practices.  Can you share some insights on why this topic is so important to attendees?

JO: The idea of measurement is so open ended and complex that being able to sit down and accurately determine every single metric that you think you need for the marketing campaign of your company would give anyone, no matter how advanced, an elevated heart rate.  Being able to collaborate in this kind of specific forum and learn from the experience of your peers, with regard to more accurately defining the metrics that make the most sense for your company, is incredibly beneficial to accurately honing in on your target audience.  As user data becomes more vast, complex and accessible, it is becoming ever-more important to define what is most important for you and your company’s focus when addressing your audience.


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