RonFrom English teacher to journalist, author to public relations counselor, Ron Trahan has been a professional communicator for nearly four decades. Counseling clients at the highest corporate level (CEO, CFO and VP/Marketing), Ron has developed expertise and experience in strategic communications planning, writing for publications, media relations, investor relations, speech writing and presentation coaching. Ron is also a contributing writer to Medical Device Daily. Founded in 1992, Ronald Trahan Associates (RTA) Inc. specializes in building media and investor relationships for big and small private companies in the medical technology industry.


(1) Please tell us a little bit about Ronald Trahan Associates.

RTA was established in December 1992. We are focused exclusively on the life sciences industry and the medtech sector in particular.  Our clients, nearly all of whom are privately held emerging medtech companies, are located across the US, from Boston to San Francisco, as well as in Europe, including London, Paris and Munich. We provide two primary services: brand development and strategic outreach.


(2) Medical technology is your sweet spot. Tell us why.

“Medtech” appeals to me because of our approach to serving clients—i.e., creating an emotional-brand awareness for them. For example, we worked to introduce “the world’s first heart-assist device just for kids.” We are focused on companies that make great therapies possible, such as the maker of the world’s first successful transcatheter aortic valve implant; our client was acquired in what is still today the largest acquisition of a VC-backed company over the past two decades. We worked with our client for the five years leading up to its acquisition. It is professionally rewarding to promote a teeny tiny little company that nobody previously knew and see them succeed with a big push from RTA, and to have that company give RTA its due credit.


(3) PR has evolved immensely over the last decade. What has been the most surprising to you?

Social media is a godsend to the PR profession. For the most part, the media gatekeepers no longer matter, and I’m really OK with that. There has never been a better time to inform and persuade. As a former newspaper reporter, I am empowered by social media to write for the world’s biggest broadsheet. This is the greatest era ever for the PR industry.


(4) What is the biggest challenge you face in helping a client build awareness for their technology?

Scientists and medtech entrepreneurs often have a difficult time thinking like a right-brainer. Thus, persuading successful left-brainers to let us lead them to emotional-brand nirvana is sometimes akin to herding guinea pigs or gnats.


(5) What keeps you up at night?

Cash flow and new business development have been yokes that I have worn every day for the 26 years I have been in business.


(6) You have had a long career in PR. How have you been so successful through so many changes within the industry?

If you describe “success” as “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose,” then I would describe myself as “successful” inasmuch as I am able to make a good living doing work that I enjoy doing. I enjoy, for example, making seemingly complicated and boring medical technology into something that my grandmother can understand and will be moved to take some kind of action by in 30 seconds or less.


(7) What are you passionate about outside of your work?

I am an image-maker. My work is displayed at[email protected]/


(8) What is next for you for the remainder of 2015?

Please see my answer for Question 5!


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