Top 25 PR Influencers to Follow

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This month, our CEO & Founder, Christine Perkett, was named one of the Top 25 PR Influencers to Follow by IZEA. Congratulations! The list includes branding, PR and marketing experts we admire such as Sarah Evans, who is a digital correspondent for brands such as PayPal, Macy’s, and Walmart; digital analyst and author Brian Solis; publicist Lizzie Grubman and many more.

Christine has been in the PR and marketing industry for over 20 years, and we are proud to see her work continue to be recognized. Although this honor focused on her social media activity and following, her passion for improving PR is also very clear. At SeeDepth, she continues to lead product development for our analytics platform, to help executives understand what’s working and what isn’t. PR measurement has come a long way, yet continues to be misguided (hint: AVEs are not a valid measurement of success). If you’d like help, contact us today for a demo.

Read the rest of the story and meet the other influencers, here.

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