Scared Of PR Measurement? 5 Reasons Not To Be

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No doubt that the thought of measuring the value of PR is scary to many communications professionals. For too long, we were told that PR was a “squishy” variable, one that couldn’t be measured. Now, we are told there’s data here and data there, but many PR executives are still scared of what that data might unveil.

Will it show that our campaigns aren’t working?

Will the data make sense?

Will we have to change our strategy?

The answer to all is yes - measurement data, when used intelligently, can show both what’s working and what isn’t. When gathered and analyzed, yes, the data will make sense. And yes, sometimes it might tell you that what you’re doing isn’t yielding the results you expected, and you may have to pivot your strategy.

But that’s nothing to be scared of! Here are five reasons why:



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