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Happy 5th Anniversary, #MeasurePR

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(4) Tweets about #measurepr hashtag on TwitterToday we participated in a special edition of the monthly #measurePR Twitter chat. Founded and hosted by Shonali Burke, the chat is celebrating its Fifth Anniversary this month! It’s surprising to us that more PR professionals aren’t participating in this chat more regularly. It’s a very insightful, informative way to connect with PR industry peers and measurement experts.

Today, it was clear that measurement standards remain a mystery to most of the industry, although Katie Paine, the self-described “Queen of Metrics” has done a great job compiling all of the existing standards for you, here. We suggest you familiarize yourself with them. Another common theme from today is that nothing will improve if brands don’t start demanding standardized measurement and reporting from their agencies, and if agencies don’t educate clients on the importance of such (and hold themselves to the standards).

Jump on the next chat - they’re held the first Tuesday of each month at 12 EST. We’d love to see more and more pros participate in this important topic, and help drive the industry to better performance and measurement, as well as predictive analytics. Let’s move beyond “hunch” and “experience-based” strategies and start developing strategies backed by data.

Congratulations, Shonali, and thanks for pushing our industry along. Better PR analytics and measurement is crucial to PR’s seat at the table and longevity as an industry.

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