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A New Year, A New Look To Better Measure PR - Product Update

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The New Year is a time for reflection and change, resolutions to look better, eat better, be better. So naturally, we jumped on that bandwagon and gave our SeeDepth Media product a little makeover so you can do better PR. (Well, actually, it’s a pretty big makeover.) We’re excited to roll out new features and a new look for our customers in 2015.

If you’re a customer, you’ll notice a brand new interface when you log in. We’ve communicated to you some tips on navigating and taking advantage of the new features. If you’d like a personal demo, contact us for a quick 15 minute run through. If you’re not yet a customer, we’d love to give you a demo and show you all the ways you can better analyze your PR efforts, measure results and use predictive analytics to create stronger PR strategies.

Some new features include:

Templates - once you’ve created a campaign you can turn it into a template and reuse it, making it fast and easy to set up multiple campaigns in the same industry, or for the same brand.

Clone a Campaign - have a campaign that you run every year at the same time? Instantly set it up with a Clone of last year’s, and easily compare year over year performance, as well as breakdown and analysis of that performance. What elements changed that made one year more successful than the other? Get insights to help you repeat what’s working and pivot from what isn’t.


New and improved Campaign Details Report - easily see the breakdown of your Campaign Performance Index, and deliver beautiful and easy-to-read reports to your boss or clients. Word clouds, referrals per article, quantity vs quality breakdowns, and more make measurement automatic and enjoyable. Is your PR team strategic? Are they getting in front of the right audiences? What actions are those audiences taking? Know in an instant.



Deactivate Campaigns - maybe your client put work on hold, or you don’t need to monitor an existing campaign for a few months out of the year. You can simply deactivate a campaign to open up your account for another campaign, without losing all of your data. Reactivate at any time, and your data is all waiting for you as you left it.

These are just a few of the new features available now. Want to get all the details and stay on top of product launches and feature updates? Subscribe to our newsletter! 

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