Hire The Right Team: SeeDepth CEO To Speak At Bullhorn Engage

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Our Founder and CEO, Christine Perkett, will speak at Bullhorn’s Engage2016 next month. Engage is an event for exploring the opportunities and challenges associated with accelerating
your business growth. You’ll learn to build better business relationships and boost your performance
by more effectively engaging with your customers and employees. It’s the only conference of its kind
that brings together practitioners, industry experts, and innovative business leaders.

If you’re a business owner or manager challenged with finding the right team, or finding yourself micromanaging the team you do have, swing by Christine’s session on Thursday, June 9 at 11:00 a.m. After founding two companies and managing dispersed teams around the nation for the last two decades, Christine is well equipped to provide insights into how to hire the right team so you can let go and focus on growing your business, rather than micromanaging employees’ every move.

“Micromanaging is a form of distrust, and distrust is never good for a positive, growing culture,” she says.

In this session, Christine will cover:

  • Why micromanaging is bad for your business
  • How to recognize if you’re a micromanager – and how to change
  • Tips and tricks for hiring the best people for each job and lead them to success
  • Best practices for empowering and trusting employees

Christine’s management and HR leadership style have been covered in various blogs, articles, books and classes from entities such as Forrester Research, AMEX Open Forum, Bulldog Reporter, GigaOm and many others, and she was once a finalist for Employer-of-the-Year in The Stevie Awards for Women Entrepreneurs.


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