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We’re excited to announce that our CEO, Christine Perkett, will be co-hosting the popular #MeasurePR chat with Geoff Livingston, CEO of Tenacity5 Media on March 3, and #MeasurePR’s founder, Shonali Burke. #MeasurePR is a monthly Twitter chat to educate and inform participants on why measuring PR is crucial to success, as well as tips, tricks and insights on how to best do so, for both agencies and brands.

The agenda for March’s PR chat is “Where Metrics and PR converge.” As Shonali shares on the Facebook invitation: Everywhere we look, convergence is around us. And when it comes to public relations measurement, the convergence of PR and metrics is something we’re all trying to get right. Join the March #measurePR Twitter chat with two industry leaders: Christine Perkett (@missusP) and Geoff Livingston (@geoffliving) for a live debate on where PR metrics are heading. All you need is your Twitter handle and the hashtag (er, #measurePR) to join - the rest is easy!

We hope you’ll join us to chat data, PR analytics, and the convergence of metrics and PR. RSVP here. See you next week!

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